Critical Care Paramedicine Podcast

Episode 19: Allergic to Work?

Can you be allergic to work? In this episode, we’ll discuss the concept of Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis (EIA) and Food Dependent Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis (FDEIA).   Case Scenario: During a 5K race standby, you arriveĀ to find a 24 YOF lying on the side of the track against a concrete barrier. She is conscious, but a […]

Episode 18: Dry Land Drowning

What is a “Dry Land Drowning”? Acute Pulmonary Edema! We’ll cover the pathophysiology of pulmonary edema as well as the pulmonary lymphatic system. The focus of this podcast was originally primarily on high dose nitroglycerin administration as well as dissuade providers from using therapies known to significantly worsens outcomes.   High Dose Nitroglycerin Systolic BP […]

Episode 13: Is HEMS beneficial?

In light of surging air medical demand, Dr. Bryan Bledsoe joins us for a discussion on whether HEMS is actually beneficial — and, if so, under what set of circumstances. As informed providers, we owe a duty to our patients not to unnecessarily straddle them with crippling debt and higher risk mode of transport if […]

Episode 11: Legally Speaking

Paramedic and Attorney Wes Ogilvie discusses what we DIDN’T learn on law in EMS education. Most providers are concerned about being sued. But a lawsuit wouldn’t cost you your certification and livelihood. It’s administrative law that has the power to strip providers of their certification — and providers must be aware of this field of […]

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