About the CritMedic Podcast

The CritMedic Podcast is a podcast for prehospital providers who want to advance their clinical knowledge and practice as well as help drive changes in their local system. CritMedic takes its inspiration from other quality SMACC and FOAMed podcasts, such as EMCrit and other productions, but witha prehospital care focus. The aim of the podcast is to merge the worlds of Critical Care and Prehospital Care, especially where there is a significant overlap. Treatments and discussions herein are based on the latest available evidence based medicine. Don’t take anything at face value, not even this podcast. Challenge everything and prove it!

The podcast is hosted on SoundCloud and available for both streaming and download. You can follow the podcast on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, iTunes, and Google Play. We hope to have new podcasts up weekly(ish).

About Dominick Walenczak

Dominick WalenczakMy entry into EMS was mainly by accident. While pursuing a Criminal Justice program, I decided that I should take a first aid course so that I could ventilate someone that I ventilate — if you know what I mean. Among other reasons. It just so happened that the EMT Basic course fit better into my course schedule. The class was fantastic. It was informative, entertaining, and inspirational and the instructor was phenomenal (thanks, Steve!). I received my original certification in January of 2004.

Once certified, I began volunteering with my local volunteer fire department, the East Amherst Fire Department. Not too long after, I began working in commercial EMS. It wasn’t long before I felt constrained in what I could do for my patients; BLS skills are important, but there is more that can be done. I advanced to AEMT – Intermediate in 2007. After a short while there, I outgrew my new container. In 2009 – 2010, I attended the Paramedic program at Monroe Community College. It was there that I discovered that I had been a big fish in a very small pond of knowledge; everything I knew or thought I knew was incomplete or wrong. In short, I started to overcome to Dunning-Kruger Effect and realized there was a whole ocean of knowledge that could be learned. Though I gained my Paramedic in 2011, that only represented the my entry into a lifelong profession of learning.

Since becoming a Paramedic, I have sought out any bit of additional knowledge and training that I could obtain. I went through CCEMT-P, AMLS, The Difficult Airway Course, and obtained my National Registry as well. I’ve since obtained board certification as both FP-C and CCP-C. I’d also taken a stack of FEMA Independent Study courses. But more important than all these merit badges, I had been exposed to many dedicated and professional providers who exposed me to new ideas and concepts — some of whom I hope to share with you through this podcast. If not, then at least the lessons and information they had imparted to me.

My inspiration for this podcast derives from Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC). I regularly listen to EMCrit. But as fantastic and knowledgeable as Dr. Weingart is, I can’t help but feel that there is a void on a part of prehospital care. While there are a number of good EMS podcasts, they differ in focus from the type of material presented. I am hoping that CritMedic can bridge the gap between Critical Care and Prehospital Care to provide the best of both worlds.