Critical Care Paramedicine Podcast

Episode 9: Paramedic Ultrasound: The Wave of the Future

Paramedic Point-Of-Care ultrasound (POCUS) is one of the few technologies on the horizon that promises to revolutionize prehospital care. Yet many people don’t see the advantages this technology presents. In this week’s special video podcast, Peter Bonadonna presents all the useful applications of point-of-care ultrasound and its advantages. If you’re a skeptic or non-believer, this […]

Episode 7: Gender Identity and Care

In recognition of International Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31st), we have Tyger Marie Gearheart on as a special guest to talk about gender identity and some of the specific health concerns in transgendered patients. Remember: No matter your personal feelings on the issues of gender identity, transsexuality, or sexual orientation, we owe a duty […]

Episode 6: Oxygenate Differently

The venerable non-rebreather mask has long been considered the gold standard for high flow oxygen delivery. But is that reputation deserved? We’ll discuss the science and benefits of the lowly nasal cannula and how it can help us oxygenate even apneic patients. Next time you see someone putting on a nasal cannula to a patient […]

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